JW Steakhouse Review


It’s what restaurants were made for.

Sure, some people will try and convince you that restaurants are actually designed to serve food.

More often than not, these individuals refer to themselves as “chefs”.

The Hangover Part II Review

From Newton’s three laws of motion to Einstein’s theory of relativity, scientific formulas have helped shape humanity into the world we have today.

These magic little equations of truth have facilitated our civilisation’s evolution from the dark ages to, well, not quite enlightenment; but at least we’re not still burning witches at the stake, torturing heretics for blasphemy or worshipping rotting cadavers on crucifixes.

Blue Sky Black Death: Noir Review

“A skydiving phrase alluding to death and beauty”.

That’s the inspiration behind Seattle based production duo Kingston and Young God’s musical project Blue Sky Black Death.

Vinnie Paz & Ill Bill At The Camden Underworld

“I’m off to see Vinnie and Bill mum!”

Sounds like a pretty harmless declaration from some muddy teenager who’s just got home from football practice before rushing out to meet his best friends.

But if you were to add “Paz” after Vinnie and “Ill” before Bill, it’d shine a less than wholesome light onto proceedings.

Arun Ghosh At The Camden Forge

Good Ghosh.

That’s all you really need to know about Arun Ghosh and his indo jazz quintet.

And whilst the economy of one sentence reviews has appealed to my writing mind on more than one occasion, this incredible music I stumbled upon last week is deserving of so much more.

Dates ‘n stuff

May 2011