Brave New World

Kareem Ghezawi has a dream, and sees the seeds of this vision beginning to take root in the occupation movements springing up throughout the west.

Zombie Ward

There is a sick old woman who walks the wards in her slippers and gown, dragging a metal pole on the ground on creaking wheels.

A bag of blood is tied to the top and from it, plastic tubing worms down sharp red, to drip blood to the needle in her arm. Her dead fish mouth hangs half open, sucking in dry air with difficulty.

She groans as she trudges along.

Mother, This Strudel Tastes Funny

There’s an old German joke about a poor, mute child who makes a critical observation about his pudding one evening. The mother, ignoring the nature of these comments, is overcome with joy and asks her son why he’d remained silent all these years.

“Up until now, everything had been satisfactory,” he replied.

Buggered Moron

I seem to have reached some sort of decision, a life changing, turning point if you will. I’m sure most of you will be able to empathise with my little episode. We’re all familiar with that inescapable feeling when we have to make a change in our lives aren’t we?

I can’t quite put my grubby little fingers on what exactly brought this on.

Patriot Games

I love a man in uniform.

Well, not me personally.

Gang of Four might, if you were to take a literal interpretation of one of their most popular songs.

Judging from the media outcry whenever a British soldier is killed overseas, a lot of people share this sentiment.

I’m not one of them though.

Dates ‘n stuff

June 2024