Brave New World

I’m currently experiencing a beautiful vision of our future, one that involves a united biosphere directing humanity toward a new era of peace with knowledge, compassion and empathy as our motives instead of money, land and oil.

You may think I’m an idealistic hippie that just stepped out of the summer of love, oblivious that our world has since been auctioned to a myriad of ruthless conglomerates all vying for a stake in the global financial feast.

A ritualistic netting of mass profits that has been engineered though the corporate branding adorning every corner of society unrelentingly enforcing economic pressure to consume.

The peace symbol I left behind, ironically turned into a multimillion dollar brand

I’m not a hippie though. For If I were, if I’d have invested all my raw, unadulterated love and hope into a culture that wasn’t ready for these ideals I’d have needed a heart transplant by now.

Provided I could afford one of course.

Most of us think the closest we’ll ever come to this utopian vision of the future is through fiction, yet judging by the turnouts at the international occupy movements, this vision seems to be more of a dawning possibility with every passing day.

The numbers of socially disenfranchised people from all walks of life are steadily growing, taking to the streets of every major city in the world to voice their frustration at a vicious economic cycle that causes strain and stress for the masses, for the benefit of a few.

Has our generation finally had enough? Enough of corporate greed, enough of an outdated and failing financial system that favours the privileged and rich few over the people that keep the cogs of their capitalist machinery turning?

I hope the working classes have had enough of our dreary existence, labouring from nine to five, five days a week then collapsing as soon as we get home from the crushingly mundane existence of our rarely chosen lives. Only to repeat this the next day.

And the next.

And the next.

For what?

To earn an allowance of money from our governments in exchange for a lifetime’s time and energy that only truly benefits the state’s economy?

I hope my generation finally has the courage to confront the important philosophical questions so arrogantly dismissed by our overbearing forefathers, questions of consciousness, health and happiness in an existence based on economic slavery.

From the rainforests of Brazil to the previous imperialist occupations of third world countries, the scars of corporate ideology glow like scarlet letters.

The supposedly great glass and steel constructs scattered throughout our cities hailed as marvels of civilisation are nothing more than beacons of our greed, power and naively short sighted ambition.

If the Arab Spring repeats itself throughout America, Europe and Asia, and we unite in our millions, who will stop the people from reclaiming our countries from the tight and bitter grip of the multi millionaire CEO’s and their even wealthier backers?

Will Obama and Cameron order the slaughter of their people like the Syrian tyrant Bashar Assad that they so viciously condemned? Or will the will of the people finally triumph?

I’m personally envisioning the whole world singing the American anthem in unison on a globally marked day, ever grateful of the great benevolent bald eagle that rose from the ashes of capitalist-imperialist America and initiated the change that rescued us from the folly of a bygone generation.

Change is an integral element of evolution. No matter how far we progress as a species, there are some fundamental laws of nature that will never change; namely that the old must make way for the new.

This applies to every organism that exists on our planet, from the meek amoeba to the complex ape. Even the universe itself is in a constant state of flux.

Which is why change should be embraced and welcomed with open arms. We cannot fight the natural order of things, nor can people forever cling onto the past. Ideas that may have worked before carry no guarantee of continuing their success in the future.

And there’s no better example of an outdated idea than the socio-economic model which we are forced to base our lives upon.

The old, bloated men of Wall Street and our own London Stock Exchange need to step outside their ivory towers and listen to the voice of this generation’s idealistic youth.

We are still evolving but our development has been stagnated by the constant sensory bombardment from our bourgeois controlled media. Wherever you look, there is an appliance to be bought, a celebrity idol to be worshipped or a scare tactic to keep us afraid and docile.

Our evolution has been retarded by forces which deem us commodities to be traded, statistics to be read and numbers to be logged. My generation are buzzing with energy, creativity and ideas to make the world we live in a better and fairer place for all.

Money and power are not our prizes and greed is not our motive; appreciation and recognition from our fellow human beings is more than enough. The majority will hopefully no longer be the minority so we can begin to share this beautiful world, this beautiful universe together.

Let us cure disease and defeat ageing in a world without war and poverty. Let us explore outer and inner space, pushing the boundaries of what humans believe we are capable of. We have a great destiny still waiting to be written by the great minds of our generation.

And the generations that will follow us.

It’s up to us to challenge the status quo and be the change we want to see in the world. Stake a claim in your own future, visit your local occupation if you have one and see the seeds of true democracy being sown.

Liberty demands it.

Kareem Ghezawi

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