A Ghost Story Review

A Ghost Story

Time is a flat circle. if space and time are infinite, it follows that we’re destined to live out our lives over and over again, in another time and another place. At least that’s the idea behind director David Lowery’s latest film A Ghost Story.

Dunkirk Review


For a serious auteur, Christopher Nolan has tackled some lightweight material. Detective stories. Comic books. Science fiction. With Dunkirk, the director turns his hand to the rather more heavyweight subject of evacuating allied forces from France during the Second World War.

Cars 3 Review

Cars 3

I’m not really a car man. From an early age I was either falling asleep in them, or crashing them. But when you’re as old as I am, you pick up the odd 6-year-old petrol head along the way – which is how I found myself watching Cars 3 last weekend.

Spider-man: Homecoming Review

Spider-man: Homecoming Review

Spider-man: Homecoming is about as apt a name as you’re ever likely to get, seeing as Peter Parker has spent almost 20 years playing away from home with that technological hussy, Sony. But he’s back in the Marvel universe now and finding out that even superheroes can struggle to get a date for prom.

Baby Driver Review

Baby Driver

Now the world don’t move to the beat of just one drum. What might be right for you, may not be right for some. Writer and director Edgar Wright is one guy moves to the beat of his own drum, as does his ridiculously cool new film Baby Driver.

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