Casa De Mi Padre Review

What is it about Will Ferrell that makes him so god damn funny?

Is it his eyes, which look straight through you even though the funny man knows how ridiculous he’s acting?

Maybe it’s that springy hair and goofy smile of his and vaguely simian features that put me in mind of an errant schoolboy whenever I see them.

Or could it be that I simply find the comedian’s vaguely simian features hilarious?

Whatever it is, Casa De Mi Padre is the latest Will Ferrell comedy vehicle that sees everyone’s favourite american man-child – i.e. mine – give up his native tongue for a Spanish language only flick, brought to us in stunning Mexico-Scope.

Armando Alvarez is the idiot son of a Mexican ranch owner, of course, who much to his padre’s dismay has chosen to stay at home and help Alvarez Senior live off the land.

Perhaps there aren’t that many stable doors open to Armando in life?

Either that or he’s become accustomed to his father’s waiting staff and their entirely inappropriate French maid outfits, and realised he was onto a good thing.

Regardless, Armando has stayed in Mexico to look after the baby cows while his less dumb brother Raul left for the bright lights of america.

So joy is quite literally unbridled when Raul returns home with some money and the beautiful Sonia by his side.

Yet Armando doesn’t trust his brother’s fiancée’s motives; even worse is the frisson of electricity Armando feels whenever his eyes meet Sonia’s over a typical Mexican standoff.

Which happens quite frequently.

But the real problem for Armando is his brother Raul, and the other company he keeps; most notably the infamous drug dealer known as le Onza.

Can Armando stop worrying about baby animals long enough to save his family from the Mexican firestorm that’s about to rain down on them from le Onza?

That’s a rhetorical question by the way.

Casa De Mi Padre is an oft hilarious send up of all those South American vengeance films Antonio Banderas used to be so fond of making.

This being a Will Ferrell production though, Casa De Mi Padre is smarter than you might think.

So amongst the deliberately poorly made faux desert landscapes backdrops and other visual gags, not to mention the most amazing fight sequence you’ll ever see involving coyotes, a stuffed white puma and some coked up tigers, there’s a great deal of wit and originality going on to keep this parody fresh and funny.

Will Ferrell plays the heroically dumb Armando Alvarez. Seemingly bored of making us laugh in English, this one man laugh factory showcases his comic timing in another language this time, though even he is upstaged by the younger version of Alvarez in the funniest film flashback I’ve ever seen.

The Notorious G.G.B., a.k.a. Gael Garcia Bernal, is once again reunited with his Mexican brother in arms Diego Luna through their roles of Onza and Raul respectively. Only this time they take up arms against each other, whilst making sure not to spill either their drink or smokes naturally.

And Genesis Rodriguez as Raul’s girl Sonia is doe eyed enough to make every man forget themselves when they’re around her.

Even her fiancée’s brother who up until now has only had love for the land and baby cows that he tends.
Casa De Mi Padre is disposable fun that’ll make you laugh ’til you cry at some points, with Will Ferrell once again proving a hit.

And even though I’m not a singing rancher, I still don’t know why this american man-child is so damn funny.
I just know that he is.

Jonathan Campbell

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