I’m So Excited Review

I'm So Excited

At first glance, a seat on board a Peninsula Airlines flight is much like any other.

There’s the cramped environs of economy class, the snooty patrons in business, a couple of macho, macho men up in the cockpit and some more altogether less masculine guys stewarding the flight.

There’s also some dodgy landing gear that’s endangered the safety of the flight and everyone on board.

So that they can keep calm and carry on, the cabin crew have drugged everyone in economy class to make sure they don’t bother them.

Proles wailing and whining about their impending doom can be so very tiresome.

But in what seems like the best reason I’ve yet heard to travel first class, the premium passengers have been left unmolested, for now, as the plane circles around Spain looking for an available airport.

Amongst this ragtag collection of elite individuals are a banker, a famous actor, an infamous high class madam, a hitman and a psychic.

And as they contemplate their own mortality, the folk supposedly in charge of making sure this plane doesn’t go down seem to be doing plenty of this themselves.

I’m So Excited is the latest film from revered Spanish director Pedro Almodovar and, if you’ll excuse the pun, it marks a departure from his more recent fare of heavy dramas spiked with no little humour as well as an unhealthy dash of incest.

I'm So Excited

Returning to his cinematic roots, Almodovar’s made a camp and frequently outrageous sex comedy that trades heavily on gay stereotypes and dick jokes for laughs.

Naturally, this is always good humoured and besides, stereotypes exist for one simple reason; they’re usually true.

Or is there more to I’m So Excited than meets the eye?

Some reviewers far smarter than me have pointed out the parallels between the tanking Spanish economy, represented by the first class banker here trying to do one to Mexico, the drugged economy class is an obvious representation of the working classes while the rest of the premier passengers represent the real drugs that keep the masses docile; sex, celebrity, tv and psychics.

Ok, so that last one doesn’t quite add up.

Then there are the preening stewardesses who’ll say and do anything to distract their audience from what’s really going on around them, and if there’s a better description of modern politician’s than that, I’ve yet to hear it..

Almodovar’s I’m So Excited is a seemingly story that’s far more accessible than some of his recent work, and if you go see this with a group of friends after some drinks, you’re going to have a good time.

Whether you’ll give it much more than a second glance is debatable, but maybe you should.

Jonathan Campbell

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