The To Do List Review

The To Do List

Bucket lists are all the rage these days.

I suppose it makes sense for all those nine-to-fivers who are too afraid to do what they really want with their time and desperately want to give their lives some meaning, as they quietly rage against the dying of their light in suits and crowded public transport as they shuffle back and forwards from jobs they can barely even stomach.

But at least these nine-to-five cats aren’t virgins, which is more than can be said for Brandy Klark.

Now Brandy is an all-star mathlete come valedictorian at her school who’s destined to go on to big things in her life.

In fact, Miss Klark has got her whole life pretty much planned out in her head.

Only problem being that she’s been living in her head and for so long, that Brandy doesn’t even know how to give it.

Or receive, a fact her fellow students gladly remind Brandy of during her oh so humble graduation speech to this bunch of proud non virgins.

So Brandy’s friends do what any good friends should in this situation; take her to an end of school kegger, get her heroically drunk and then introduce her to some inappropriate college boys.

And even though Miss Klark ends the night being violently sick into a toilet, she also gets more action in one drunken night than she’s had in her whole life.

Now bookish Brandy has developed a taste for the opposite sex, and one muscle bound, chest waxing guitar playing type in particular, she decides it’s time to make her own list about all the things she needs to do this summer.

So there’s hand jobs, blow jobs, rim jobs, pearl necklaces and all other sorts of sordid fun things Miss Klark wants to try before heading off to a three year orgy of drugs, alcohol and sex, also known as college.

But as Brandy throws herself into losing her big v, will she learn a little something along the way?

The To Do List

As with any, ah, coming of age film, The To Do List is that usual recipe of good looking twenty something actors playing teenagers pretending that they weren’t the cool kids at school and had to fumble their way through puberty.

But what makes writer and director Maggie Carey’s film worth watching is that for once this is told from the girl’s point of view.

That, and it’s pretty good fun; especially for anyone the wrong side of thirty who’s nostalgic for the nineties.

Which means me.

Aubrey Plaza plays Brandy, and you can just about believe she would get some extra butter from the lobby to hand a guy a treat in a cinema, Rachel Bilson is her slutty sister and there are a bunch of other actors in this too; all of them decent, yet ultimately forgettable.

I wouldn’t necessarily add The To Do List to that list of films to watch before you kick the bucket, but if it’s on the plane as you’re jetting off to some exotic distraction, it’s definitely worth checking out.

Jonathan Campbell

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