The Campaign Review

“War has rules, mud wrestling has rules; politics has no rules.”

Former american presidential hopeful Ross Perot knew this.

And so do we.

With his $900 dollar haircut, picket fence mansion and picture perfect family, Cam Brady is living the american dream; which goes a little something like this.



And jesus.

As congressman for North Carolina, Brady is about to run unopposed for his fifth straight term in office; but power has made Cam greedy, and when a star struck fan catches his eye with her natural charm and assets, North Carolina’s finest doesn’t feel like reigning himself in.

Now, that right there is the real american dream.

As if this wasn’t bad enough, Cam also decides to call up his new mistress to express his unspoken desires for a severe tongue lashing.

Only he dials the wrong number.

North Carolina has lost its sure electoral thing, and the money makers from america’s 14th state spy an opportunity to back a new horse and appoint an even more insipid stooge to office.

Enter one Marty Huggins, an oddball tour guide from this not so fair state who just so happens to have the right family connections for the aforementioned money men to give him a call.

Big money, and Cam’s predilection for being an all-american bonehead, soon transforms Huggins from a man least likely to a serious rival for congress.

But what does all that money really buy?

The Campaign is the latest Will Ferrell vehicle to roll off the Adam MacKay comedy production line that’s been perfectly timed to cash in on the impending american election.

With Ferrell, Zach Galifianakis and a host of other famous faces on display, The Campaign sounds like a “dream-ticket” for election comedies.

And it is pretty good, with plenty of laugh out loud moments that inevitably revolve around Ferrell and his character’s win at all costs mentality.

But truth is stranger than fiction, and the strange thing about The Campaign is you don’t really feel like they push it far enough.

As anyone who knows anything about fox news would attest, running for office in america has become such a ridiculous affair that the seemingly far-fetched ideas in this comedy no longer seem so outlandish.

For real comedy, just take a look at some of the things Mitt Romney has been caught saying on video this last week.

The real laughs are just about to begin, and I for one can’t wait to watch it all unfold on the only news source I trust in america: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Until then, The Campaign and it’s no longer ridiculous political antics will tide you over.

Jonathan Campbell

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