Despicable Me 2 Review

Despicable Me 2

Fresh from his successful failure of stealing the moon, former super villain Gru who sounds just like Steve Carell is settling nicely into the role of being a dad to three adorable girls.

He’s throwing birthday parties, helping his kids study as well as putting his legions of minions and fellow evil genius, Dr. Nefario to work making jam; which, for a super villain who can steal the moon, is proving to be rather difficult.

But when the beautiful Anti-Villain League agent and Kristen Wiig voiced Lucy Wilde asks Gru to help her discover who stole an entire lab from the arctic, our former super villain considers a life of mystery and adventure once more.

It’s a mission of utmost importance, for the secret lab was making a mysterious formula that has the power to turn anything, even something as adorable and fluffy as a bunny, into a giant purple monster.

With exceptionally frizzy hair.

Now the Anti-Villain League, headed by a multi-chinned and Steve Coogan soundalike Englishman, have discovered that traces of the chemical near a local mall, so Gru under the cover of being a cupcake sales man sets up shop and begins to seek out the master criminal.

Signs seem to point towards Eduardo, the owner of a Mexican restaurant, especially as Gru had reason to believe he may actually be a super villain long since thought deceased.

The result of an unfortunate shark riding incident that also involved an erupting volcano whilst covered in dynamite no less.

But Gru has an even more sinister enemy hunting him; his feelings.

Is it possible that Gru may be falling for Lucy Wilde, will he ever get over his stage fright for long enough to ask her out, or will his dreams of matrimonial bliss be thwarted by evil, giant, purple monsters?

I mean I know what happens but you know.

Despicable Me 2, much like the original, is a lovely film. Gru is adorable and Wiig really brings the character of Lucy Wilde to life but, as in the original, the real show stealers are Gru’s minions.

These little yellow pill shaped characters that do everything from the cleaning, in French maid outfits, to a little jam research and development, dressed like the Chiquita banana lady.

Perhaps I just have a thing for unending flamboyant outfit changes, but the minions are simply these great, over the top and camp characters that I love; and their wild gender bending antics show a phenomenal support for loving those who are different.

I mean, yes, the minions are genderless; but they really are codified as gay.

The visuals are stunning, the script is funny and, though Despicable Me 2 is hardly ever surprising, it’s eminently enjoyable.

Shelton Lindsay

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