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Disney’s Easter Holiday scheduled, animated extravaganza Zootropolis is essentially an essay on the benefits of peace, love and harmony in a modern society. The sort of crackpot hippie nonsense that would no doubt go down like a turd filled balloon amongst the average Joes and Josephina’s in attendance at your typical GOP nomination rally.

In this story set in a heaving, urban sprawl various species of the animal kingdom of Zootopia co-exist in perfect harmony. So much so, one can is led to the conclusion that the absence of humans is fundamental in understanding why such co-operation is commonplace.

Whilst this all sounds terribly worthy it may be a concern that this could add up to the dullest movie in the entire Hollywood canon. Do not despair, scratch beneath its sickly sweet surface and it soon becomes apparent that this city is rife with homespun, good ol’ fashioned, mommas apple pie, racism, fear and loathing.

Well praise the Lord indeed…

The action centres on Judy, a newly commandeered rabbit police officer from the sticks, who as the newest and smallest member of the city force is tasked by Idris Elba’s wildebeest sergeant with the more mundane tasks of law enforcement.

Determined to make the right impression Judy throws herself into her traffic duties with the misplaced zeal of a baying mob at an abortion clinic. This unwanted enthusiasm goads the sergeant into assigning Judy with a previously unsolved case involving numerous and mysteriously disappeared animals.

Challenging her own prejudices, our heroine enters a mutually beneficial partnership with a con-artist fox, Nick, voiced by Jason Bateman. Together they come to realise that a seemingly simple case of missing animals is more likely a conspiracy of far reaching and grim intentions.

Zootropolis is a pleasant surprise, a cracking adventure that rattles along at a rare old pace. The animation is excellent and there are lots of gags and humorous set-pieces that will appeal to bored children and their desperate parents alike.

Even the appearance of Shakira as a glamourous gazelle cabaret singer – what’s that you say, she also sings the theme tune? Well, I certainly didn’t see that one coming – fails to dampen what is a splendidly entertaining movie.

Old fashioned, innocent fun that a downtrodden, blue-collar, disenfranchised American family could truly enjoy together.

Frank Gardiner

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