The Hangover Part III Review

The Hangover Part III

Now, I’ve never had a hangover.

At least not from alcohol, which has often drawn some disbelieving looks from my friends who presumably have and still do.

As well as a distinct lack of sympathy on my part for their typical, weakened state on the weekend.

Hell, I haven’t even seen the first Hangover film, but did manage to catch the second one last christmas at my father’s insistence.

That coupled with being a fan of the hugely watchable Zach Galifianakis meant I was reasonably keen on catching the latest exploits of the “wolfpack” in The Hangover Part III last night.

Even though, there’s no real hangover in sight.

We begin as many more films should, as a bearded man merrily drink drives his way down a freeway with his new pet giraffe in tow.

Alas, animals that burn as brightly as this only last half as long and when this giraffe burns up, Alan – said beardy man from the car – has to explain to his father and life partner about another multi car pile of his.

It’s ok though, as Alan’s a strong fellow with the requisite courage in his own convictions to stand by these; even when the stress of having a 42 year old man-child for a son inevitably leads to Alan’s father having a heart attack, he still won’t let this get him down.

So, after singing a haunting falsetto at his life partner’s funeral, and with no sign of him changing his ways, Alan’s friends decide there’s only one course of action left to them.

They’ll stage an intervention.

Naturally, they assume Alan might be reluctant to such a course of action.

And they’d be right.

But knowing how much love Alan has for his fellow man, his family convince the three other members of his wolfpack to reunite for one last trip to an Arizona clinic for special folk.

But it seems fate may have other plans in store for our newly reassembled pack, as a destructive force from their past returns to wreak havoc on their lives one last time.

So The Hangover Part III takes a break from the tried and tested formula of the first two films, by not having a wedding or a hangover to speak of.

And it’s all the better for it.

One of the problems, as I understand it, from the first sequel was it was just the same as the first one only in a different location.

Besides, the franchise has reached a place now where everyone who’s going to see it will have already bought into the characters.

While most of these are one dimensional at best, there’s one reason for watching The Hangover Part III that stands head and shoulders above from the rest of the clean shaven competition.

And that reason is Zach Galifianakis.

The Hangover Part III

His idiosyncratic take on Alan has become the canvas upon which the Hangover films paint their comedy upon, yet as great as brother G is, it creates problems for the rest of the cast.

Namely, that they can’t compete with Galifianakis.

Bradley Cooper is his usual bland but pretty self, Ed Helms goes through his every man schtick you already know and Justin Bartha gets himself kidnapped.


John Goodman adds some gravitas in his supporting role, Jeffrey Tambor some laughs as Alan’s dad, Heather Graham her bambi eyes as the boys head back to Vegas one last time and Ken Jeong as Mr Chow lives up to the insane reputation he’s earned for himself in the first couple of films.

But whenever the focus drifts away from Galifianakis’ Alan, so does my attention from this otherwise ordinary film.

Of course, this could just be me as I identify more with Alan than any other Hangover character.

Which may or may not reflect well upon me.

There’s one last hangover prank once the final credits for The Hangover Part III have rolled, but this is a fitting and welcome end to the wolfpack’s adventures.

Though if they decide to make any stand-alone yarns starring one particular lone wolf, I would welcome this new leader of the comedy pack.

Jonathan Campbell

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