Taxi Driver: 35th Anniversary Release Review

I’ve had many a heated argument about films commonly regarded as classics which are so obviously cinematic headaches.

For me, Scarface is a textbook example of this; a self indulgent, messy story that could have been told a lot quicker than what felt like the eternity it took to play out as I watched it.

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part I DVD Review

Is Harry Potter now a deathly bore?

This is the question that keeps swimming through my mind as I wait for the first part of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows to begin.

Suckerpunch Review

Lost for words.

That’s how Zach Snyder’s new and rather fantastical adventure flick Suckerpunch left me.

And neatly encapsulates the film and its directors achilles heel to boot.

The Rite Review

Where’s your faith?

This is the crux of Mickael Hafstrom’s The Rite, cinema’s latest addition to a seemingly eternal canon of movies that deal with our apparent fascination of exorcism.

South Of The Border DVD Review

Greed is good.

At least that’s what Oliver Stone’s most infamous cinematic incarnation espoused on the streets of wall.

To judge from his love of documenting all things socialist South Of The Border, its probably not a sentiment Stone buys into.

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