The Hangover Part II Review

From Newton’s three laws of motion to Einstein’s theory of relativity, scientific formulas have helped shape humanity into the world we have today.

These magic little equations of truth have facilitated our civilisation’s evolution from the dark ages to, well, not quite enlightenment; but at least we’re not still burning witches at the stake, torturing heretics for blasphemy or worshipping rotting cadavers on crucifixes.

Julia’s Eyes Review

It’s what you don’t see.

That’s what always makes a horror film scary to me, what the director doesn’t show you, so you can fill in the blanks yourself with whatever it is you’re most afraid of.

Win Win Review

Cashing in.

That’s one of the principle tenet’s running through the heart of Tom McCarthy’s offbeat comedy Win Win, and it’s something I’d happily apply to the people behind this film too.

Taxi Driver: 35th Anniversary Release Review

I’ve had many a heated argument about films commonly regarded as classics which are so obviously cinematic headaches.

For me, Scarface is a textbook example of this; a self indulgent, messy story that could have been told a lot quicker than what felt like the eternity it took to play out as I watched it.

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part I DVD Review

Is Harry Potter now a deathly bore?

This is the question that keeps swimming through my mind as I wait for the first part of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows to begin.

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