Source Code DVD Review

Duncan Jones is the man who sold his name.

And you have to admire him for casting his own shadow on pop culture, far from any accusations of nepotism rooted in his father’s indelible legacy.

That I’m not helping with at all.

Beautiful Lies Film Review

What’s in a letter?

For Audrey Tautou, France’s most beguiling export, it would seem to be everything and nothing.

Famous for her breakout role as Amelie, Tautou plays a hairdresser called Emilie in Pierre Salvadori’s new film Beautiful Lies.

Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes Review

Revolution? It’s the only solution.

Well, that’s what Serj Tankian used to say.

Of course, success in this capitalist circus we’ve engineered tends to blunt our revolutionary zeal.

The Devil’s Double Review

It’s often said that everyone has their own doppelganger in this world.

Lord knows I’ve had my fair share of people telling me who I look like, from Robbie Williams to Russell Brand and Colin Farrell via Johnny Depp.

Of course, I don’t really look like any of them. Although my Nan was closest to hitting my nail on the head when she asked me who this Johnny Debt was.

Your Highness DVD Review

About ten minutes into David Gordon Green’s Your Highness, one overriding mystery to which I still cannot fathom the beginning of an answer began to cloud my mind.

Namely, how in the name of all that is good did this project’s creators and financiers convince such a collection of Hollywood players, screen legends, classical English actors and modern belle du jour’s to get on board with such a daft and seemingly worthless production?

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