Thor: Ragnarok Review



Saviour of the universe.

Or something.

Marvel’s norse god has always been a bit of a fish out of water in their cinematic universe.

Mostly because of the whole being a god thing… makes it hard for normal folk to relate.

Personally, I’ve never had that problem – make of that what you will.

And with kiwi hipster comedy king Taika Waititi at the directing helm for Thor: Ragnarok, my love for Asgaard was only set to increase.

So, where to begin?

Thor, who manages to keep his shirt on for at least the opening credits, battles some major devil horned demon in what looks like the seventh circle of hell.

Having vanquished this foe with a mighty swing of his hammer, Thor heads home to Asgaard – only to find things are a little awry.

His father Odin is enjoying a minor production all about his favourite immigrant son Loki, regaling all around him with glorious tales of his mischievous adopted protege.

Of course, Thor sees through such trickery and gets to the truth behind this charade.

Turns out Loki fancied a go on the old man’s throne, so sent Odin to a retirement home on earth.

Tracking down their paterfamilias isn’t too difficult, but the things Odin has to tell his sons may be.

Hella, Odin’s first born child, is about to be released from the prison he’s bound her to since banishing his only daughter from Asgaard many moons ago.

And this particular family reunion promises to be more awkward than usual.

Will Thor and Loki put their differences behind them to save Asgaard… what do you think.

Thor: Ragnarok, like most stand alone Marvel films these days, is in that tricky position of not being able to escape the looming shadow of the climactic avengers film, Infinity Wars.

Fortunately, marvel understand just how ridiculous their creations are, and have long decided to get in on the joke.

DC comics take note… and hiring Ben Affleck as Batman doesn’t count.

Which is why Waititi is directing, and also why Thor: Ragnarok is just about the funniest superhero film you’ll ever see.

At least intentionally speaking.

Chris Hemsworth is almost as good at comedy as he is lifting heavy things, and Tom Hiddleston knows just how to play Loki for laughs.

And that’s before we get to the ridiculously good ensemble cast for these revengers, which includes Anthony Hopkins, Cate Blanchett, Mark Ruffalo, Idris Elba, Jeff Goldblum, Karl Urban – and that doesn’t even cover the cameos during thor’s first trip home to Asgaard.

Thor: Ragnarok isn’t perfect; Blanchett’s character Hela is pretty one dimensional and Waititi could have done with trimming 20 minutes off the running time.

But if you’re looking for a big budget blockbuster to distract you from the madness of our own reality, Thor: Ragnarok hits the target.

Of course, if Thor or Hemsworth wanted to save us from the actual demons who run our world, I’d let them.

In a flash.

Jonathan Campbell

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