Rampart Review

Woody Harrelson is Dave Brown; police officer, womaniser, family man, bully, misogynist and gangster. But most importantly, he can explain his day job to a six year old child…

The Guard DVD Review

Lovely drugs, cuddly corruption and brutal murder? It’s all in a day’s work for Sergeant Gerry Boyle in John Michael McDonagh’s The Guard.

Real Steel Review

Frank Gardiner goes to see Real Steel, and wonders what the Wizard of Oz could have brought to Shawn Levy’s new film.

The Art Of Getting By Review

There’s a memorable movie sequence in the splendid marionette inspired feature Team America, where the protagonist undergoes a miraculous transformation from wooden doll to wooden doll with slightly harder pecs.

All the while, an 80’s inspired song serenading the virtues of the cinematic montage plays over the top.

Your Highness DVD Review

About ten minutes into David Gordon Green’s Your Highness, one overriding mystery to which I still cannot fathom the beginning of an answer began to cloud my mind.

Namely, how in the name of all that is good did this project’s creators and financiers convince such a collection of Hollywood players, screen legends, classical English actors and modern belle du jour’s to get on board with such a daft and seemingly worthless production?

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