Gabby Young Interview

Operatic chanteuse and talented songwriter Gabby Young, along with her very well behaved and beautifully preened Other Animals, wowed the critics with her debut album We’re All In This Together back in 2009.

Now there’s a brand new Gabby Young And Other Animals record, The Band Called Out For More, out next week and the stylish singer spoke with Soundbite Culture about her new album, those outrageous costumes of hers and, ah, knitting…

Amon Tobin’s ISAM Project At Brixton Academy

Can words do justice to the visual magic that pioneering electronica artist Amon Tobin creates through his ISAM Project? Mine sure as hell can’t.

Marriages: Kitsune EP Review

What do Japanese foxes have in common with Red Sparowes? Emma Ruth Rundle, Greg Burns and David Clifford have found the answer through their new musical experiment Marriages.

Slugabed: Time Team Review

Slugabed is the next bright young thing off the Ninja Tune label, with his debut album Time Team offering up some instrumental music with a hip hop touch and some pretty insane titles.

Alex Winston Interview

Alex Winston’s debut album King Con was released in March and has been lauded by critics for its bold song-writing, avant-garde lyrics and power of Winston’s powerhouse vocals. On the last night of her European tour, Soundbite Culture caught up with Alex on the roof of XOYO in Shoreditch to talk about her creative process, reactions to King Con and Chuck Berry.

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