Marina And The Diamonds At The Kentish Town Forum

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend.   But it sure doesn’t feel that way once Marina takes to the stage.   At a London venue formerly known as the Kentish Town Forum, Marina And The Diamonds – a moniker inspired by her Diamandis surname – wrapped up their final Burger Queen UK date to […]

Gabby Young and Other Animals At The Tamesis Dock

Just whose boat are you on?

That’s the question Gabby Young tosses out to an exuberant crowd on board a barge in the middle of the Thames.

And whilst the legal ownership of this vessel come nautical venue probably lies with some savvy businessman, it’s no doubt who owns the joint tonight.

Gabby Young And Other Animals: We’re All In This Together Review

If you went down to the woods today, I wouldn’t be at all surprised should you find Gabby Young And Other Animals providing musical entertainment for their fellow woodland creatures.

Either that or they’ll be breaking bread with their animal brethren.

Chief: Modern Rituals Review

Hail to the Chief.

At least, that’s what the cringe inducing press release that accompanies Chief’s Modern Rituals would ask of its intended audience.

Personally, I’m more in favour of sending this sentiment on an indefinite hiatus.

And if this American four piece happen to find themselves along for the ride, I wouldn’t object.

Losers: Beautiful Losers Review

We fear change.

Or at least Garth Algar, the perennial loser who inhabits the World of Wayne, does.

Fortunately for those who like their music progressive with a healthy side serving of eclecticism, this is something Losers collaborators Eddy Temple-Morris and Tom Bellamy could never be accused of.

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