Underground Railroad At Camden Barfly

As a casual gig goer from a bygone era, The Camden Barfly is a venue I’ve always approached with trepidation. Despite the mythology surrounding this supposedly seminal, alternative music nursery, I’ve yet to see an act of any note or even promise there.

Not forgetting the time I got a nasty electric shock from the fag machine.

Wu Tang Clan At Kentish Town Forum

In the summer of 1997, a group of nine individuals from New York declared to the world that there music is and always will be forever.

A declaration that has stood the test of time and held firm, a cliff that has never eroded in the face of the bleakest of tragedies, the grittiest of controversies and the avalanche of rappers that have tumbled down its peak, laying broken, bruised and buried under the Wu Tang discography.

Underground Railroad: White Night Stand Review

In spite of what some people may think, I’ve never been a fan of one night stand’s.

That first time you have sex with someone new is usually the most awkward, so after a few sobering experiences it stops making sense.

Really, just me?

Milk Maid Interview

Martin Cohen is best known as one part of former indie darlings Nine Black Alps. After leaving the band earlier this year, he’s been busy writing and recording with his new musical project Milk Maid.

Soundbite Culture caught up with Cohen pre gig in Hoxton to see how the hell it was all going.

Mexicans With Guns: Ceremony Review

Are You Mexican and do you own a firearm?

The laws of probability, and Soundbite’s lack of an Hispanic audience to date, suggest it’s safe to assume if you’re reading this you’re neither. But after listing to Mexicans With Guns, debut album Ceremony, you’re going to wish you did.

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