Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part II Review

Finally, it ends.

After more than a decade of Harry Potter adorning our silver screen, J K Rowling’s sprawling creation finally meets its maker.

And not before time either, as the good will this eight film behemoth had created through some entertaining earlier instalments was being fast eroded by the first two acts of the final play.

Animal Kingdom DVD Review

What a Guy.

That’d be the evergreen Pearce, an aussie actor who’s been impressing audiences around the globe with his versatility and stage presence ever since making his hollywood breakthrough in the splendid LA Confidential.

Unknown DVD Review

The unknown usually inspires great curiosity in me.

Alas, this isn’t something that could be said of the film by the same name.

Unknown opens with american scientist, Dr Martin Harris, arriving at Berlin airport with his wife ahead of a bio technology conference he’s scheduled to give a presentation at.

Holy Rollers Review

A clothes merchant, a drug smuggler and a rabbi walk into a bar.

The joke is they’re all the same guy; Sam Gold to be precise and Holy Rollers is his unlikely story.

Tree Of Life Review

Daze of heaven.

This could be a loose theme of maverick director Terrence Malick’s latest opus, Tree Of Life, but the essence of what he’s attempting to communicate is lost on me.

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