Live By Night Blu-ray Review

Sienna Miller in Live By Night

Ben Affleck’s new movie, Live By Night, opens with a voice-over and a pretty dense prologue. So, a literary adaptation, in case that didn’t give it away.

Hacksaw Ridge Blu-ray Review

Hacksaw Ridge

Mel Gibson and violent movies. Whether he’s on leading man duties, as a burnt-out cop or futuristic road warrior, or behind the camera, overseeing resistance to British rule in 13th-century Scotland or the graphically-depicted crucifixion of Christ, he is not one to shy away from a spot of bloodletting. Hacksaw Ridge sees his first cinematic foray into World War II territory.

Graduation Blu-ray Review


Cristian Mungiu, whose recent film, 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days and Beyond the Hills, garnered much international critical acclaim, seems to specialise in tough subjects. He finds himself on similar ground with Graduation, a gritty film set in his native Romania, but thematically one which will resonate with parents around the world.

Away Blu-ray Review


Midway through David Blair’s new film, Away, one of the characters refers to Blackpool as the Vegas of the North. Given that the film centres around a self-destructive man being cared for by a young woman with problems of her own, you can imagine it being subtitled Leaving Las Vegas (of the North).

It’s Only The End Of The World Blu-ray Review

It's Only The End Of The World

Thanks to the warmongering of those man-children in charge of America and North Korea, there’s probably never been a more apt time to watch Xavier Dolan’s It’s Only The End Of The World.

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